Courses, 2009 - 2010

Courses in British Studies, 2009-2010


42415: Religions of/and Empire, B. Lincoln (F09)


31200: History and Theory of Drama I, D. Bevington, H. Coleman (F09)

Comparative Literature

46900: Owning and Disowning, D. Bunn, C. Taylor (F09)


46200: Whitehead: Metaphysics and Ethics, F. Gamwell (F09)


31100: History and Theory of Drama II, D. Bevington, H. Coleman (W10)
35104: Newberry Library: Law & Literature in Anglo-Saxon England, J. Schulman (W09)
35500: Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales, J. Schleusener (F09)
36011: Frankenstein, H. Keenleyside (S10)
36202: Spense, M. Murrin (S10)
36709: Shakespeare, Marlow, Benjamin, and Brecht, V. Kahn (F09)
37310: Shakespearean Comedy and Romance, R. Strier (W10)
41110: Journalism and the British Novel, E. Hadley (S10)
41112: Culture of Victorian War, E. Hadley (F09)
41400: Virginia Woolf, L. Ruddick (S10)
44506: Before and After Beckett: Theater and Film, L. Kruger (S10)
44507: Decolonizing LIterature and Film in South Africa, L. Kruger (W10)
48605: Owning and Disowning, D. Bunn, C. Taylor (F09)
48606: Circulation, Sensibility, and the Discourses of Modern Value, D. Bunn, J. Taylor (F09)
51500: Perfection and Utopia in Late Medieval England, M. Miller (S10)
53601: Commercial Affects of 18th Century Britain, T. Campbell (W10)
55503: The Matter of Modernism, B. Brown (S10)
64900: Lyric Forms from Blake to Hardy, E. Helsinger (S10) 
66701: Postcolonial Theory and Beyond, L. Gandhi (W10)
67502: Milton, V. Kahn (F09)


31101: Science in Victorian Britain, A. Winter (W10)
32204: Modern Britain: 1688-1990, F. Jonsson (W10)
32401: Europe in the Early Middle Ages, R. Fulton (F09)
33206: Europe in the Late Middle Ages, J. Lyon (S10)
33408: Proto-Globalization: Empire, Science, and Environment, F. Jonsson (F09)
49601: Early Modern England, A. Johns (F09)
50003: Race and Ethnicity in 20th Centure African History, R. Jean-Baptiste (W10)
61801: Postcolonial Theory and Beyond, L. Gandhi, D. Chakrabarty (W10)
74801: European Overseas Expansion, Colonialism, and the Postcolonial World:
           Chronology, Political Economy, and Culture, R. Austen (F09)
74802: European Overseas Expansion, Colonialism, and the Postcolonial World:
           Chronology, Political Economy, and Culture, R. Austen(W10)


33900: Austin and Grice, T. Cohen (F09)
54909: 18th Century Moral Though: Hutcheson, Hume, Smith, D. Brudney (S10)