Events, 2006 - 2007

Autumn Quarter | Winter Quarter | Spring Quarter


Autumn Quarter

Workshop Series: British Studies Workshop 

The new interdisciplinary British Studies Workshop will serve as a forum for the intellectual exchange of emergent scholarship in the form of workshop papers given by students, faculty and, on occasion, outside presenters. For more information:


Conference: "Visiting and Revisiting: Literature as a Special Form of Knowledge" 
Friday-Saturday, October 27-28, 2006 

Opening Reception
Thursday, October 12, 2006 

Tony Hopkins Lecture, Reception, and Workshop 
November 6-7, 2006

November 6, 2006: Lecture with reception to follow: 
"Capitalism, Nationalism and the New American Empire"
November 7, 2006: Comparing Colonialisms workshop discussion of pre-circulated paper 
"Rethinking Decolonisation in an Age of Globalization"


Adrian Johns Lecture, Reception, and Workshop 
November 16-17, 2006
November 16, 2006: Lecture with reception to follow:
"Inventors, Schemers, and Men of Science: Intellectual Property and its Enemies in Victorian England"
November 17, 2006: History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science Workshop of pre-circulated paper:
"The Politics of Patenting and the Nature of Science"

Conference: North American Conference on British Studies
November 17 - 19, 2006
Generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


Winter Quarter

Susan Pedersen Lecture, Reception, and Workshop 
January 30-31, 2007 
January 30, 2007: Lecture with reception to follow:
"The League of Nations and the Imperial Order: An Argument"
January 31, 2007: British Studies workshop discussion of pre-circulated paper:
"Petitioning the League of Nations"

Conference: Economies of Empire: British Political Economy and Modernization 
February 8 - 9, 2007

Joel Mokyr Lecture
February 8, 2007 
Public lecture as part of the Mellon Foundation sponsored British Political Economy conference:
"Access, Knowledge, and Production: the Everyday Origins of the Industrial Revolution"


Spring Quarter

Poetry Series: Young British Poets
Poetry Reading by Andrea Brady, Peter Manson, Keston Sutherland 
April 5, 2007 

Poetry Series: Young British Poets
Two short poetry talks 
Andrea Brady: "Tom Raworth: Poetry and Public Pleasure"
Keston Sutherland: "On Poetry and Stupidity in General" 
April 6, 2007 

The Lute Song Project 
Dieter Hennings, lute/guitar; Scott Perkins, tenor
Friday, April 20, 2007 

This event is generously co-sponsored by the University of Chicago's Music Department, and the Hanson Institute for American Music at Eastman School of Music.


Workshop Series: 20th Century British Philosophers 
Lecture 1: Elisabeth Camp (University of Pennsylvania)
"The Generality Constraint and Stimulus-Independence" 
April 24, 2007 

Priya Joshi Lecture, Reception, and Workshop 
May 3 - 4, 2007 

May 3, 2007: Lecture with reception to follow:
"The Social Lives of Institutions"
May 4, 2007: Discussion of pre-circulated paper in joint meeting of South Asia and Mass Culture workshops:*** 
"Bollylite in America" 


Workshop Series: 20th Century British Philosophers 
Lecture 2: Richard Heck (Brown University)
"What is Compositionality?"
May 9, 2007