Faculty in Anthropology

The Department of Anthropology is intent on maintaining a traditional foci while developing emerging centers of theoretical interest in the discipline and beyond. Some of the areas that are currently enjoying particular attention by faculty and students in archaeology as well as linguistic and sociocultural anthropology include: semiotic approaches to culture, postcoloniality, human rights and indigenous rights, globalization, critiques of neoliberalism, the politics of gender and sexuality, the analysis of place and space, and the anthropological study of science.

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Michael Dietler
Professor, Anthropology
British colonialism; Celtic cultures and identity politics, Iron Age and Roman archaeology of Britain and Ireland.

William Mazzarella

Associate Professor
Cultural politics of globalization; mass media; public culture and publicity; critical theory; affect and aesthetics; post-coloniality; South Asia.

Kathleen Morrison

Professor, Anthropology; Director, Center for International Studies
Archaeological method and theory; historical anthropology; agricultural organization and change; colonialism and imperialism; landscape history; regional analysis; intensification; archaeobotanical analysis; stable isotopes; anthropology of food; South Asia; Western North America. 

Kaushik Sunder Rajan 

Associate Professor, Anthropology
Comparative ethnography; globalization; post-colonialism; subjectivity; India.