Faculty in Art History

The program in Art History seeks to create a forum for the exploration of the visual arts as manifested in major epochs of European, Near Eastern, Asian, and American civilizations. This is accomplished by encouraging the exploration of diverse approaches and the examination of varied materials. 

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Elizabeth Helsinger 
John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor in English, Art History, and the College
Nineteenth-century British literature and culture; nineteenth-century British art and design; Romantic and Victorian poetry and poetics; fiction and history in nineteeth-century Britain; land and the nation: literary and artistic representation; Victorian non-fiction prose; Victorian women's writing.

W.J.T. Mitchell

Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor, English
History and theories of media, visual art and literature, 18th-century to present.


Rebecca Zorach
Professor of Art History, Romance Languages, and the College
Late medieval and Renaissance art, primarily French and Italian; gender studies, critical theory, and historiography; art in Chicago in the 1960s; contemporary art/activism. Current interests include prints, print culture, and technology; the theory and practice of collaboration; and the Black Arts Movement in Chicago.