Lectures 2014-2015

Autumn Quarter-2014

Carolyn Steedman
Emeritus Professor of History
University of Warwick

Lecture: "A Lawyer's Letter: Everyday uses of the Law at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century"
Monday, October 20
Classics 110
4:30 pm

Workshop: "An Everyday Life of the English Working Class: Work, Self and Sociability"
Monday, October 20
Venue: TBA
12:00 pm

This workshop will include a discussion of pre-circulated sections of professor Steedman's new book, including Chapter 2, "Books Do Furnish a Mind" and the Conclusion, "Writing Everyday."  These sections will be available one week before the workshop.  Please contact the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Cultures Workshop coordinators closer to the event to obtain a copy of the readings.

The lecture is being organized by the Nicholson Center for British Studies.  The workshop is being organized by the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Cultures Workshop.


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